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Sign HSR Will Need A Firm Agreement Between Singapore & Malaysia

About High Speed Rail

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong believes price sharing of the High Speed Rail (HSR) project is among the variables making the project complicated, since there are just two states involved, reported Channel NewsAsia.
As such, Singapore and Malaysia must have a sound arrangement on the way in which the project performed, backed and is structured.


“It is similar to the Channel Tunnel, the project from London to Paris,” he said in an interview with Bernama on 28 November. Where the line is drawn, “When you have two authorities affected, you must determine the best way to partition. I construct my part, you build your part, and we have to meet at exactly the same point. Should it not meet then we’ve got a large problem.”

While he described the project as “ ” that was very challenging, very complex and extremely pricey, Mr Lee shared that both states have made “very great advancement” with their talks.

While the HSR will benefit both countries in general, ultimately the properties that are near HSR will also found its advantages too. Park Place Condo being near to the largest commercial hub will enjoy the increase pool of tenants when the HSR is ready as more expats will be travelling around these regions.

Continual By Najib

“We are almost there, and I hope that when I meet Prime Minister Najib at the next retreat, we’ll have the ability to sign the agreement. That is the first necessity, that we have a very good understanding which sets out clearly a sound basis to construct and operate the system.”

He noted that evaluating the bidders would be very difficult since there are several HSR systems — specifically, from Japan, China and Korea — that have been lobbying very difficult to procure this contract.