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Present in 57 countries, AXA has more than 163,000 employees who are committed to helping 101 million clients maintain peace of mind day after day. AXA develops and offers life insurance products and services adapted to each customer. They address the same need: protecting the assets, financial or physical of individuals and businesses. On our 25th year, we have decided to strengthen our brand strategy by adopting a new signature: redefining / insurance. Redefining is the key commitment of our new signature. It means that when we speak, we aim to redefine the benefits that consumers expect from financial services and insurance. There are three traits that redefine our business: attentive, reliable and available. These are the three attitudes that clients most expect from an insurance and financial services company in exchange for their vote of confidence. These three attitudes stood out from the others in the consumer research we conducted across markets, regardless of their level of maturity. They are at the heart of our actions and our commitments to clients. AXA teams across the world embrace five values that we are not willing to compromise on, under any circumstances. Our values are reflected in the daily attitudes and behavior of our people around the world. These values include integrity, team spirit, professionalism, innovation and pragmatism.

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